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Pirandello Project - On the Edge of Silence, Teatteri Metamorfoosi & Korjaamo Teatteri / Stage

This silent mask theatre production follows a puppet theatre troupe fleeing for a land where the imaginary is still allowed.

Director Davide Giovanzana
Mask tutor Soile Mäkelä
Dramaturgy Davide Giovanzana, Soile Mäkelä
Cast Tanja Eloranta, Roosa Hannikainen, Miska Kajanus, Johanna Kultala, Linda Lemmetty, Elina Putkinen,

Composition Maija Ruuskanen
Music Maija Ruuskanen, Toni Lehtola ja työryhmä
Mask theatre director Soile Mäkelä
Mask design Davide Giovanzana, Johanna Kultala, Toni Lehtola, Laura Mäkelä, Soile Mäkelä, Elina Putkinen
Puppets Johanna Kultala ja Elina Putkinen
Costume design Henni Siltaniemi
Lighting design Antti Helminen
Object theatre workshop Rene Baker
Music workshop Vincenzo Ciotola

With the support of Arts Council of Finland, Arts Council of Uusimaa, Istituto italiano di Cultura, Teak


The Stage Festival, produced in cooperation between Korjaamo Theatre and Helsinki Festival, showcases the best in contemporary European drama. This year, the Festival turns its focus to the lot of human beings in a fast-changing world. What happens when individual freedoms collide with unpredictable and unknowable social movements, it asks?

Since its inception, the Stage has gone on to claim its position as a prominent European theatre festival. The 2009 programme features ten international visitors, two Finnish premieres and a review of Finnish theatre. A total of fifty performances will take place at the Korjaamo festival hub and other theatres and venues across Helsinki.



Photo: Soile Mäkelä

Read the thoughts of Davide Giavanzana:

"There is somebody who is living my life and I know nothing about him”, remarked Pirandello before he died. With this project, Teatteri Metamorfoosi proposes an exploration of Pirandello’s major themes and of his theatrical obsessions; the false assumption of the oneness of the self, the superposition of masks and social behavior which anesthetizes the inner profound desire and the coexistence at the same instant of several realities. Starting from “The Giants of the Mountain”, which is Pirandello’s last and unfinished play describing the failure of poetry in the emergence of the modern world, the show merges fiction and reality, dream and death. The performance stages a world where the act of imagining (and thus of any type of creative activity, such as theatre) is proscribed for practical and economical reason. However a clandestine puppet company forewarn about the danger of any colonization of the imagination. Using masks, puppets, dance, silence and singing, Teatteri Metamorfoosi presents a poetic piece where the pure magic of the act of imagining turns into an act of rebellion and of re- appropriation of someone’s life, for the imagination is not a way to escape reality but a tool to shape it."



Sun 23/8  at 20.00 
Mon 24/8  at 20.00 


90 min, no intervals


25 / 18 €
August 2009
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