Helsingin sanomat OP-Pohjola Kemira S-ryhmä Accenture Eastway Elisa Taloussanomat
Destruction Song, K. Kvarnström & Co
3 shows starting from friday 14/8
Darkness meets light in this long-awaited new production from the renowned choreographer.
BANG!, Gnab Collective / Stage
Wednesday 19/8 at 18 and thursday 20/8 at 18
BANG! takes the audience on a journey through the world of theatre.
Shukshin's Stories, Alvis Hermanis, Theatre of Nations/Stage
Wednesday 19/8 at 19 - 22 and thursday 20/8 at 19 - 22
The Latvian Alvis Hermanis’ first Russian production features a star-studded line up that brings life to Vasily Shukshin’s characters.
England, Tim Crouch / Stage
Wednesday 19/8 - Friday 21/8
At once shocking and entertaining, this play is not afraid to tackle the really big issues.
Radio Muezzin, Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) / Stage
Wednesday 19/8 at 20 and thursday 20/8 at 20
Stefan Kaegi returns with a documentary-style performance.
The Trial, Dusan D. Parizek & Prague Chamber Theatre / Stage
Friday 21/8 at 20 - 21.30 and saturday 22/8 at 20 - 21.30
Based on The Trial by Kafka, this play seeks to blur the boundaries between art and reality.
Un cirque plus juste, Circo Aereo / Stage
Saturday 22/8 - Sunday 23/8
A minimalist piece of shadow theatre and illusion with the power to astonish.
Pirandello Project - On the Edge of Silence, Teatteri Metamorfoosi & Korjaamo Teatteri / Stage
Sunday 23/8 at 20 and monday 24/8 at 20
This silent mask theatre production follows a puppet theatre troupe.
Jerusalem, Berlin / Stage
Tuesday 25/8 - Wednesday 26/8
This multimedia piece blurs the line between art and journalism, as it draws a portrait of perhaps the most conflict-ridden city in the world.
Sutra, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui / Sadler's Wells London
Tuesday 25/8 - Thursday 27/8
Masterful and unique, Sutra is an exciting fusion of modern dance and traditional Kung Fu combat acrobatics.
Maybe Forever, Meg Stuart & Philipp Gehmacher
Wednesday 26/8 at 19 - 20.20 and thursday 27/8 at 19 - 20.20
A touching exploration of the challenges of love.
Special Cases, Virva Talonen
3 shows starting from wednesday 26/8
Special Cases examines to the interface between the ordinary and the extraordinary.
Opus 7, Laboratory of Dmitri Krymov / Stage
Wednesday 26/8 at 20 and thursday 27/8 at 20
Dmitri Krymov's new two-part production is an examination of grief, loneliness and Russian identity.
The Next Two Days of Everything, a smith / Stage
Thursday 27/8 at 18
a smith tells stories of travel and oil, experience and the environment.
Semianyki, Teatr Licedei
Thursday 27/8 - Monday 31/8
This outrageously funny theatrical spectacle for the whole family is a tribute to the art of clowning.
Discover Love, Belarus Free Theatre / Stage
Friday 28/8 at 18 and sunday 30/8 at 14
This much-lauded underground collective stages banned dramatic works to promote democracy in Belarus.
Zone of Silence, Belarus Free Theatre / Stage
Saturday 29/8 at 18 and sunday 30/8 at 18
This much-lauded underground collective stages banned dramatic works to promote democracy in Belarus.
Tomorrow There Will Be, National Theatre - Opera, Prague / Stage
Saturday 29/8 at 20 and sunday 30/8 at 20
Based on a true story, this opera revisits the Horáková trial in 1950s Czechoslovakia