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Finnish Case / Stage

This review of Finnish theatre treats the audience to exciting first performances and a selection of the previous seasons's highlights.

Ryhmäteatteri: Päällystakki, Ryhmäteatteri
19.8. at 19.00 & 28.8. at 19.00, 28 / 15 €

In acclaimed, modern interpretation of Nikolai Gogol´s legandary story Akaki Akakijevits is whisked away on an amazing adventure through the decline of Finnish working life and the ever-bizarre events of the international economic climate.

Direction Esa Leskinen
Script, dramaturgy Esa Leskinen, Sami Keski-Vähälä
Costume and set Janne Siltavuori
Lightning design Tomi Tirranen
Sound design Jussi Kärkkäinen
Mask design Tuija Luukkainen
On stage Martti Suosalo, Taisto Oksanen, Sanna-Kaisa Palo, Tuomas Rinta-Panttila, Minna Suuronen, Armi Toivanen

The Finnish National Theatre: Harmin paikka, Omapohja, The Finnish National Theatre
20.8. at 19.00 & 26.8. at 19.00, 24 / 20/ 12 €

Two women, two generations- a minimalistic and subtle play about rootlessness and silence that takes place in the weeks running up to Christmas.

Director Minna Nurmelin
Text Maria Kilpi
Set and costumes Kati Lukka
Lightning design Teemu Nurmelin
Sound design Jani Peltola and group
Video design Jenni Valorinta
On stage Anja Pohjola, Emilia Sinisalo

Circus Maximus: Uncanny Valley, Kulmasali, Korjaamo
21.8. at 18.00, 25 / 18 €

Description of paradise, complete freedom, future: a slice of reality that is full of elderly people, and machines that take care of them.

Script Lorenz Backman, Jyrki Pylväs, Tomi Suovankoski
Direction Circus Maximus
Set Jyrki Pylväs, Kaba Assefa
Light Tomi Suovankoski
Sound Jussi Saivo
Costumes and masks Sarah Bowen-Walsh
On stage Lorenz Backman, Marc Gassot

Valtimonteatteri: Leppäsen juhannus, Valtimonteatteri
23.8. at 19.00 & 24.8. at 21.00, 25 / 24 / 20 / 18 €

Three men approaching middle age leave for Carelia in search of their Finnish roots. The road movie style play comments on the modern man's need to be part of projects, to grow and to experience changes.

Director and script Jarkko Pajunen
Lightning design Vinski Viholainen
On stage Juha-Pekka Mikkola, Antti Korhonen, Petteri Pennilä, Henriikka Salo

Teatteri Rujo: Kunnalliskertomus Kulmasali, Korjaamo
24.8. at 18.00, 25 / 18 €

Theatre Rujo's newest play is a carnevalistic satire on society. It tells about the adventure of the Mole, Hedgehog and Rabbit - characters that are very similar to the animals of the Czech cartoon.

Director, script and music Lauri Maijala
Lightning design Joonas Schwank
Graphic designer Ville Paloheimo
Make-up Kaisa Oksanen
On stage Mitja Ervasti, Riikka Oksanen, Ville Paloheimo, Anni Rainio, Julian Remes, Linda Wallgren


The Stage Festival, produced in cooperation between Korjaamo Theatre and Helsinki Festival, showcases the best in contemporary European drama. This year, the Festival turns its focus to the lot of human beings in a fast-changing world. What happens when individual freedoms collide with unpredictable and unknowable social movements, it asks?

Since its inception, the Stage has gone on to claim its position as a prominent European theatre festival. The 2009 programme features ten international visitors, two Finnish premieres and a review of Finnish theatre. A total of fifty performances will take place at the Korjaamo festival hub and other theatres and venues across Helsinki.

Photo: Tanja Ahola / Vertti Teräsvuori






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