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Discover Love, Belarus Free Theatre / Stage

This much-lauded underground collective stages banned dramatic works to promote democracy in the Belarus. Premiere 5.8.2008 at Kilkenny Arts Festival.

The collective also performs the play Zone of Silence. Read more here.

“Free to say what they want where they want and to whom they want.”
The Times 

Author Nikolai Halezin & Natalia Koliada 
Director Nikolai Halezin
Choreography Olga Skvortsova
On stage Oleg Sidorchik, Anna Solomianskaya, Pavel Gorodnitski
Musical fusion DJ Laurel (Lavr Berzhanin)
Producers Natalia Koliada, Nikolai Halezin
Assistant manager Irina Yaroshevich

Play performed in Russian, surtitles in English.


The Stage Festival, produced in cooperation between Korjaamo Theatre and Helsinki Festival, showcases the best in contemporary European drama. This year, the Festival turns its focus to the lot of human beings in a fast-changing world. What happens when individual freedoms collide with unpredictable and unknowable social movements, it asks?

Since its inception, the Stage has gone on to claim its position as a prominent European theatre festival. The 2009 programme features ten international visitors, two Finnish premieres and a review of Finnish theatre. A total of fifty performances will take place at the Korjaamo festival hub and other theatres and venues across Helsinki.

Photo: Nikolai Halezin



“Free to say what they want where they want and to whom they want.”
The Times



Fri 28/8  at 18.00 
Sun 30/8  at 14.00 


1 h 10 min


25 / 18 €
August 2009
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