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IRCAM workshops
Thursday 13/8 - Friday 14/8
Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustic/Music (IRCAM) to run music workshops for young people during Helsinki Festival
Musical Spaces – a discussion event
Thursday 13/8 at 14 - 16
The Musical Spaces event is a discussion about the new concert halls being created in Europe and the philosophies that underpin them.
The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio documentary
Thursday 13/8 at 18 and wednesday 19/8 at 21
Free screenings of the film by Agostino Ferrente.
Opening of Nagisa Oshima film series
Monday 17/8 at 17
Opening of film series.
Perle workshops
Wednesday 19/8 - Friday 21/8
Come to one of our workshops and make a dancing sea snake headdress, a statuesque crab mask or even a fish tail.
The orchestra: Artist or Artisan in the 21st century?
Saturday 22/8 at 15
The debate will look at the ways in which orchestras in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia operate.
Sutra workshop
Tuesday 25/8 at 16.30 - 18 and wednesday 26/8 at 16.30 - 18
Welcome to work with space and motion inspired by Sutra.