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A long-awaited first visit to Finland for this top alternative rock act. Hailing from the US, Wilco’s folk-inspired guitar sounds and mysteriously poetic lyrics have been a huge success around the world.

The evening kicks off with John McGregor and Mikael Hakkarainen’s new band.

”Sky Blue Sky is made up of awesomely good songs that most bands could never approach. ”

Jeff Tweedy, guitar, vocals
John Stirratt, bass, vocals
Glenn Kotche, drums, percussion
Nels Cline, guitar
Pat Sansone, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Mike Jorgensen, keyboards, vocals

John McGregor, vocals, guitar
Mikael Hakkarainen, vocals, guitar
Tuomas Hakkarainen, percussion
Laura Sippola, piano
Jukka Gustavson, organ

Kaspar will begin to play at 19. Wilco's estimated starting time is at 20.15.

Photo: Maryellen Matthews

Wilco, Homepage

”Wilco has become one of those bands that stands for something.”
The New York Times

"Wilco has famously cycled from rustic sweetness to flinty obliqueness and back."
The New York Times



Mon 17/8  at 19.00 


47 €

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