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The Five Corners Quintet Auteur Jazz

The Five Corners Quintet’s energetic live performances are known around the world for their complex rhythms and breathtaking jazz stylings. The evening starts with the coolly stylish Auteur Jazz.


Five Corners Quintet
Jukka Eskola, trumpet
Mikael Jakobsson, piano
Timo Lassy, saxophone
Antti Lötjönen, doublebass
Teppo Mäkynen, drums

Auteur Jazz:
Antti Hynninen, saxophone
Joakim Berghäll, saxophone
Antti Kujanpää, keyboards
Eero Tikkanen, bass
Tatu Rönkkö, drums
Sara Sayed, vocals
Aarne Riikonen, percussion

Photo: Kaapo Kamu

Auteur Jazz will begin to play at 19. The Five Corners Quintet's  estimated starting time is at 20.15.

“Without dumbing down or selling out they have moved jazz out of the dark ages”
The Observer



Thu 27/8  at 19.00 


20 €

Age recommendation

Age limit 18
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