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This new flamenco star speaks straight to your soul with her songs about loneliness and unrequited love. The evening opens with Scandinavian world music.

The ear follows the melody, the heart feels the emotion.”
The Guardian

Concha Buika, vocals
Iván Gonzalez Lewis "Melón", piano
Dany Noe, bass
Angel Fernando Favier Vall-Llosera, flamenco percussion

Aili Ikonen, vocals, violin
Milla Viljamaa, piano
Vesa Norilo, cello, flute
Sara Puljula, percussion

Hereä will begin to play at 19. Buika's estimated starting time is at 20.15.

Photo: D.R

”Concha Buika’s voice is one of the most glorious sounds to have emerged on the international stage in the past couple of years."
The Times

“All Buika needed was her voice to summon the music’s complex past, its possibilities and, above all, its passionate immediacy.”
The New York Times

Buika, Homepage



Sun 16/8  at 19.00 


35 €

Age recommendation

Age limit 18
August 2009
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