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Sierra MaestraKuukumina

There is no standing still listening to Sierra Maestra, one of Cuba’s best-known son groups, who have been wowing audiences across the world since the 1970’s. To start, Afro-Cuban beats with a Finnish twist.


Sierra Maestra:
Alejandro Suárez Galarraga, percussion and vocals
Yelfris Valdes Espinosa, trumpet and vocals
Jesús Bello Díaz, guitar, vocals
Emilio Ramos Batista, trés
Eduardo Himely Pino, electric bass and director
Luis Barzaga Sosa, claves and vocals      
Virgilio Valdés Decalo, maracas and vocals       
Eduardo Rico Menéndez, congas and bongo
Carlos Puisseaux Mansfarroll, guiro, vocals

Vili Rantanen, trés, vocals
Mikko Rajala, guitar, violin, vocals
Janina Lehto, flute, vocals
Timo Ylönen, doublebass
Juuso Hannukainen, percussions
Tero Rantanen, percussions, vocals
Aarne Riikonen, percussions, vocals

Kuukumina will begin to play at 19. Sierra Maestra's estimated starting time is at 20.15.

Photo: Sierra Maestra



Thu 20/8  at 19.00 


35 €

Age recommendation

Age limit 18
August 2009
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