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Huvila Festival Tent
Friday 14/8 - Monday 31/8
The Huvila Festival Tent is Helsinki Festival’s very own events venue. Designed by the architect Roy Mänttäri, this half-concert hall, half-marquee is a unique space that dates back to 1995.
Friday 14/8 at 19
For this Tom Waits of Buenos Aires, tango is not just music but life itself.
Joshua Redman Trio
Saturday 15/8 at 19
The music of Joshua Redman, one of the hottest names in contemporary jazz, is proof positive of the genre's enduring vitality.
Sunday 16/8 at 19
This new flamenco star speaks straight to your soul.
Monday 17/8 at 19
A long-awaited first visit to Finland for this top alternative rock act.
L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio
Tuesday 18/8 at 19
Musical fireworks from the streets of Rome!
Katri Helena
Wednesday 19/8 at 19
Katri Helena is Finland’s truly iconic summer diva.
Sierra Maestra
Thursday 20/8 at 19
There is no standing still listening to Sierra Maestra, one of Cuba’s best-known son groups.
Axl Smith Live, Janna feat. Conscious Youths
Friday 21/8 at 19
Finland’s leading musicians groove at the Huvila Festival Tent.
Ane Brun
Saturday 22/8 at 19
This Norwegian singer-sonwriter has attracted international acclaim with her work, addressing difficult issues with poignancy and humour.
Maija Vilkkumaa
Sunday 23/8 at 15
The whole family can enjoy Maija Vilkkumaa's music.
10 + 10 Maija Vilkkumaa
Sunday 23/8 at 19
Maija Vilkkumaa is joined on stage by her current and former bands in celebration of her musical career.
The Night of the Living Poets
Monday 24/8 at 19
The 2009 Night of the Living Poets features poets from all over the world.
Scandinavian Music Group, Samae Koskinen
Tuesday 25/8 at 19
The atmospheric sound of the Scandinavian Music Group turns the everyday into a celebration.
A Filetta
Wednesday 26/8 at 19
With a career going back thirty years, A Filetta weaves together global rhythms and spirituality.
The Five Corners Quintet
Thursday 27/8 at 19
The Five Corners Quintet’s energetic live performances are known around the world.
Oumou Sangare
Friday 28/8 at 19
A truly unique voice combines with strong melodies and powerful lyrics.
Paquito d'Rivera
Saturday 29/8 at 19
This musical all-rounder’s seemingly never ending range extends from technical finesse to passionate melodies and touching rhythms.
Laurie Anderson & Lou Reed: The Yellow Pony and Other Songs
Sunday 30/8 at 19 and monday 31/8 at 19
An intimate evening with this creative twosome.