Helsingin sanomat OP-Pohjola Kemira S-ryhmä Accenture Eastway Elisa Taloussanomat
The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio documentary
Thursday 13/8 at 18 and wednesday 19/8 at 21
Free screenings of the film by Agostino Ferrente.
Gottberg–Kåhre Project
15 shows starting from friday 14/8
Susanne Gottberg and Markus Kåhre, two greatly acclaimed Finnish artists with highly differing styles of expression, are now ready for their exhibition at the Amos Anderson Art Museum.
Vasily Shukshin
5 shows starting from tuesday 18/8
Vasily Shukshin’s unmistakable voice can be heard throughout his five films.
Nagisa Oshima
23 shows starting from tuesday 18/8
A retrospective covering the entire oeuvre of Nagisa Oshima, also known as the "Japanese Godard".
Thursday 20/8 - Saturday 22/8
Enjoy open air cinema at the inner yard of Glass Palace!
Masaki Kobayashi: The Human Condition
Friday 21/8 - Saturday 22/8
A Japanese masterpiece and one of the most affecting cinematic depictions of war ever made.
Cinema Sunday for Children: Sherlock Jr., Buster Keaton
Sunday 30/8 at 14 and at 16
This hugely popular silent film by the legendary Buster Keaton is a treat for audiences of all ages.