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Helsinki Festival in a nutshell

Helsinki Festival in a nutshell The Helsinki Festival is the largest arts festival in Finland, organised annually in late summer. The festival's aim is to make art accessible for all.

- In 2009 The Helsinki Festival ran from August 13 to August 30.
- In 2009, the festival had a total of 288,000 visitors. Of these, 92, 000 attended ticketed events with 196,000 taking part in free events.
- The 2009 Helsinki Festival programme line-up featured classical and world music, circus, dance, theatre, a children's programme, cinema and a range of urban events.
- Helsinki Festival is one of the four main organisers and the coordinator of the Musica nova Helsinki new music festival.
- Helsinki Festival operates under the auspices of the Helsinki Week Foundation, established by the City of Helsinki.
- The executive body of the Helsinki Week foundation is its Board. Members of the Board are elected by the Helsinki City Board to serve a two-year term.
- Next Helsinki Festivals are organized on 20.8. – 5.9.2010, 19.8. – 4.9.2011, 17.8.-2.9.2012, 16.8.-1.9.2013 ja 15.-31.8.2014

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Photo: Riitta Sourander